Monday, December 10, 2012


       After reading Geoffrey James's article,  What  is Success? Here's a Better Definition, i asked myself
 the same question- does money make me happy ? After graduating High school, I decided to take a year off school. I wanted to see and feel what it was like to make my own money. At first, I felt like a little kid with a brand new toy, in this case with my first check. I mean i even made a copy of my first check. It felt good, it was nice at first. After working a couple of months, I became addicted. I went from working 15-20 hours to 44 hours. My parents were happy, they were proud. I even got a raise, which made it all worse. "There is no point to being rich if you're not enjoying yourself," says James. This i found out, on my own experiences. As i started to work more and make more money, I become miserable. I wasn't happy at all, even at my workplace i wasn't. Yeah, the money that came in would buy me clothes, shoes, jewelry, anything. But this, was just not making me happy. One, because i didn't have any quality time with my friends, family nor myself. Two, because the work i had at the time was not the kind of job i wanted to have, it wasn't something that i wanted to do for the rest of my life. It wasn't a bad job, it was just something that i realized during my time there. "You're more likely to get rich if you're happy doing whatever you're doing" says James in his article. After realizing i was just not happy, i told my boss i needed less hours. I was going to start school. I want to furthur educate myself, major on something i'd like, and go on from there-Hopefully land a job on something that Will make me happy. And if i become rich, that would just be a bonus. :)

Blog Experience

My blog experience was wonderful, i enjoyed it very much. It's nice being able to post about whatever you wish. I find that i am able to speak my mind more on things like these, then in person. I guess that's bad, but i mean not everyone has the gift of being able to speak in front of a large audience and not freak out and forget half the things you were going to say. At times, it did get hard to keep up with it. I didn't find time in the end to do the final blogs, due to time, but i know if i had the chance i would have done the blogs. They're fun! My favorite post is My Sentence. I think i made a good, clear point who i am in just one sentence. I actually don't have a least favorite, but if i had to choose i would say the 5 word blog about the book,The Giver. That's only because i would've gone more into detail with the words. I would've made it more interesting to read as well. I enjoyed this process so much, i think i would make another blog. I'm actually thinking on starting one soon. It's nice being able to share with others on what you think, see, etc. Overall, this process was a great experience and I'm glad i got to experience it this year in English. it's something fun and interesting. I had a nice time looking through my classmates blogs as well. :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Book Review?!

  The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong is the third book of a series sequel. It's a story about a
fifteen year old girl called Chloe Saunders,  a necromancer. necro.. what?! Chloe, without even trying, can raise the dead. In this book, she and her "gifted" friends are running for their lives.
They are running away from the evil corporation that made them
that way. Amongst all this, Chloe, is falling in love. With who? She
The Reckoning (Darkest Powers, #3)doesn't know yet. It's between a not-so-nice ware wolf and a sweet-
as-a-button sorcerer. Chloe has a lot to handle in this action packed,
nail biting, chaotic & mysterious tale.

This book is one of those books you can not put down. You will enjoy this book if you read the first two books, and left you wanting for more.  Armstrong builds such a realistic story that at times it places the reader in Chloe's shoes. The series is such an easy read, it's easy to understand and visualize. The Reckoning is mainly 90% climax with no resolution. This book is mainly more truths and information about the corporation that made Chloe and her friends. Yet, there is a lot of action and planning which makes you eager to find out what will happen to the characters in the end. The romance between Chloe and the ware wolf, is so beautiful! It's so healthy and young that it makes you crave for more. I definitely recommend this book, the whole series actually! They are easy books to read and full of emotion and plenty of details. Chloe is becoming a better necro, but the trip there, is fairly amazing.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

5 Looks On The Giver

    Robotic- Jonas lives in a community where everything is decided for them, they live in a world of sameness. I felt that throughout the novel that even the writing felt robotic, this made it feel more realistic. As if almost, this community existed. The tone was set perfectly for the reader to feel it as well. 

 Eye Opener- The Giver is a book that many find controversial. At first, i didn't understand why this was so . When i was in 6th grade i read this book, it was required and my parents had allowed me too. As an adult now, and having to reread it, it has answered my question. It contains many big issues that when your a kid you might not understand and may be inappropriate at the time.   Yet, in my opinion i think it's a wonderful reading for any age that is mature enough.

 Powerful- The Giver is a very powerful reading, it contains many aspects of life that someone may face in life. Jonas, only eleven years of age, reminds me of someone that is young and has no idea what life is. Yet, being so young, he strives to change his life. This strive to me, is very powerful and very influential. 

 Interesting- No one can say The Giver isn't interesting(maybe someone who dislikes reading).
This book has a boring looking cover, something i wouldn't pick up and say WHOA. After you read the first two pages though, the rest is history. The reader is captured and becomes addicted. You don't want to put the book down, it's just so captivating. As the chapters go on, you want to find out what will happen to poor Jonas. As soon as you know it, your on the last chapter. It's simple amazing.

  Ambiguous- The ending of the giver really upset me, it left me wanting for more. What happens to Jonas ? Did he die? Did Gabriel die to? or Did they make it to elsewhere? Lowry leaves the end of the book as double ending. Many have their assumptions, I personally believe they made it to the next community. Simple because I enjoy happy ending. The ending is very controversial as well, what do you believe?

Monday, October 22, 2012


We know men obsess over our bodies. But have we heard them obsess over theirs? In Ted Spiker's, How Men Really Feel About Their Bodies, he breaks the silence and takes you where no woman has gone before.

Spiker states that Men, as well as women, have

insecurities about their bodies. He tells throughout how he struggled since a child with his body, and how it has effected him. He says, 
" Since that day, my fat has absorbed more darts than the back wall of a bar"(63). This statment is a very strong sentence in his introduction that leads into more situations he faces in his life with his body. He then says, " ....And i hate. I hate how clothes fit. I hate that friends say i use the "big butt defense" in basketball. I'm not the only man who wishes his body looked more like Micheal Jordan's and less like a vast of pudding" (64). This statement shows in depth Spiker's harsh view of his body, and makes the reader almost feel what he feels. All through his essay, he explains why many think men don't care or have the same feelings about their bodies as women do. Simply because, they are not allowed or atleast that's how society makes men think. It's astounding what i read in his essay, I know plenty of men in my life that are unhappy with their bodies, aswell as i am. Most of them, like Spiker explains, joke about their body issues. Therefore, i have never had a serious conversation with any of them about that issue. It's interesting and comforting to know I'm not the only one that looks in the mirror and wishes something would look different. But, instead i will enbrace what i love about myself, like my long balck hair or long eyelashes. This essay is very inspiring and motivating.

Contemporary Reader 10th Edition


In chapter 2, we come across this very exotic ad.
It is selling a fragrance for both males and females, thus explaining why there is both a male and a female on the ad. You can tell that this product is being sold because there is a picture of the fragrances on the bottom right hand corner of the ad. There is also a small print with the words " Fragrance for men and women". Kenneth Cole productions, Inc. is an American fashion house founded in 1982 by Kenneth Cole. It is known for fashion and accessories for men and women, the original and most expensive being, watches and fragrances. If i didn't know what Kenneth Cole was when seeing this ad, i would think it was selling something sexual. The models in the background seem to grab more of my attention then the small image of the fragrance.They are about to kiss, and being very passionate with one another. Also, the color white seems to stand out and grab my attention. The bold text saying in large letters, "WEAR ME OUT" seem to stand out as well. It seems to have double meaning; something sexual and something refering to the fragrance(basically to use it). The woman and the man seem to the sell me the item,  they are both very attractive. Also, the "sexyness" of the ad is very effective. The target audience for the ad is the rich and also for those who love exotic fragrances.

Ad: Pg. 100 in the Contemporary Reader

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Ideal Community

My ideal community is a place where there is peace, love and happiness.
In order for there to be peace, there shall be no such thing as war. 
For if there is war, there is no happiness. 
In my community, there will be no such things as deadly diseases.
No Cancer, Diabetes, Hiv.
There Would be no racism.
Everyone would be equal, this would make everything more peaceful.
In my community, there would be no divorces.
You would have to chose wisely
there is no way back- especially when already having children in the marriage. 
Everything would be " GO GREEN"
The buses, the cars, recycling would be very important.
In my community there would be free education for all.
Thats a great community if you ask me :)